The AirTag Cover is the perfect accessory for your AirTag. Keep your Bluetooth smart finder safe and secure in these protective padded pockets, which comes in a selection of standard colours. Branding can be created across the top of the AirTag Cover in full colour print, ensuring that you get your brand or message out there.
Messy cables have met their match with the CableCatch. This brilliant product organises cables, headphones, and other cords. Simply adhere the CableCatch to a desk or side table, and then place the cables or cords between the silicone notches for a tidier space to work. You can organise up to 4 cables in the CbaleCatch, and the included double sided tape allows for easy placement wherever works for you! Branding can be created with four colour print on the top of the cable catch.
The Clutterfree Kit is a brilliant 2-piece gift set, including an adjustable device stand and a cable organiser. It makes the perfect employee appreciation gift, or for anyone looking to organise their tech clutter. Both these products are available with full colour branding, and these products come in a fully recyclable package.
Compact Lightweight Exercise Accessory
Gaming Accessory
Made from wheat straw & biodegradable plastic
Eco Friendly Bluetooth Mouse
Let the EcoSpot keep track of your important items! Made from a blend of recycled ABS plastic & wheat straw, this product can be paired with the supporting smartphone app, and you can follow the alert to find your lost item! EcoSpot will also alert you when you are separated from your important items. Strong branding can be created with four colour digital print, giving you a sustainable option for your brand!
The Glide is the perfect accessory for your working day, keeping your hand in a natural and neutral position. The ergonomic design provides all day comfort and helps to reduce friction, plus the unique gliding features allows the user to move their mouse/wrist freely whilst working. Designed with an optimal shape, the Glide is suitable for both left and right handed users. This product can be branded with four-colour digital print, and comes with a standard gift box, and an optional branded sleeve if required.
The HubKraft is part of our eco friendly Kraft Collection! This high quality product is made from kraft paper, and functions with three USB-A ports & a USB-C port. Simply connect the HubKraft to your laptop or device, and the hub will enable you to connect several devices at once, to work more efficiently! This product can be printed with both spot and full colour options across the top, giving fantastic customisation options.
Ingenius & Modern Multi Tool  
Ingenious & Modern Multi Tool
Minimise the bulk of your keychain with the KeyStack Lite. This device holds a number of keys whilst maintaining a slim profile. Simply fold your keys out when you are ready to use them, and fold them back in when you are done. The KeyStack Lite holds up to 4 keys and is made from lightweight and durable plastic. Branding can be created in 1 location with four colour print and full bleed capabilities across the top, giving you flexible options for your brand!
The Lit Kit contains two brilliant products; The Aura ring light & camera cover, and the FoldStand, a foldable and useful phone stand. With the Aura Ring Light, you can slide down the camera cover to protect your privacy, and use the ring light for that perfect photo, and the FoldStand is an adjustable stand for when you are on a call, or watching your favourite TV show. This product is available with a branded sleeve, and you also have full colour print options across both products!
Network more efficiently with our brilliant NFC Card! This card allows you to share your business information via NFC. Simply tap your NFC enabled phone against the side of the card, and all of the business details stored within will be saved into your contacts! The NFC card is also available in bamboo material! This card fits inside your wallet too, for ease of travel! Full colour branding is available across the front of the product, or alternatively you can engrave on the bamboo option, giving you a dearth of options to get your business out there!
The Pixa Bluetooth Mouse is a brilliant addition to our collection. This mouse is well made, with colour options including white and black for the body, and the translucent casing over the top keeps the product lightweight and portable. The buttons are responsive and the scroll wheel smooth. The Pixa can be wirelessly charged, to ensure that you can continue working, wherever you are! Branding can be created across the top of the Pixa with cull colour options, enabling you to get your brand or message out there.
This brilliant handheld mini fan is the perfect summer accessory! This device has three settings, up to 5W in power, and the handle includes a hand cooling secondary fan! Strong branding can be created on the entire front of the product, with pantone match options with full colour print!
The Silicone Airpod Case is the perfect travel accessory. Simply store away your airpods when you aren't using them, and allow the airpod case to protect your devices. Plus, the case has a carabiner clip, to attach securely to your backpack! Branding can be created with full colour print and PVC logo options, plus we can pantone match the silicone case to your brand, giving you tons of options!
Bluetooth Wireless Mouse 
Spot is a small finder that uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to help locate and remember important personal items. Spot works together with an app on your phone to find misplaced items! The two way finding helps locate your phone and/or the Spot device, and you can activate a Find Mode to sound an alarm from the Spot device. Tether Mode sends you an alert before you leave behind your important items, and Map shows the last place your Spot was paired with the mobile device. Strong branding can also be created in full colour!  
The Surefire Gaming Mouse Bungee is the perfect accessory for your desk. This brilliant gadget contains RGB lighting, a multiport hub, and a cable holder for your gaming mouse, to ensure that you never lose accuracy whilst playing your favourite games. The anti-slip weighted base keeps your devices steady, and the micro-SD card readers ensures quick and easy access to your files, making you more efficient. This product can be co-branded with Surefire.
The Surefire Bora Laptop Cooling Pad is perfect for any laptop up to 17 inches, with cooling fans that use adjustable speed to improve laptop performance. The atmospheric LED backlighting can be adjusted to red or green and adjustable platform height levels maximises comfort. You will not only improve your comfort whilst gaming with this brilliant gadget, but you will also maximise the lifespan of your laptop! This product can be co-branded with Surefire.
The Surefire Bora X1 Laptop Cooling Pad is the perfect size for any laptop up to 17 inches, with cooling fans that use adjustable speed to improve performance. The LED RGB trim can be adjusted to your preference, and the adjustable platform heights maximise comfort. You will not only improve your comfort levels whilst gaming with this cooling pad, but you will maximise the lifespan of your laptop! This product can be co-branded with Surefire.
The Surefire Buzzard Claw Gaming Mouse is the perfect gaming accessory for your laptop or PC. This mouse has RGB lighting with 13 modes, adjustable settings via software on your PC, 6 programmable buttons, and an adjustable DPI up to 7200. There is a textured grip on the sides of the mouse and the 1.8m braided USB cable offers great flexibility for use. This product can be co-branded with Surefire.