Pantone matched wireless charger
Keep all your devices charged with our eco-friendly wireless charger; the Asto! This 3 in 1 wireless charger is made from sustainable bamboo, and includes the capabilities to charge three smart devices! A 15W phone charger sits in the main body of the Asto, and a 5W earbuds charger sits alongside it. Plus, there is an Apple or Samsung Watch Charger Holder in the top corner of the product, giving you flexibility! Whether you are with Android or Apple, you can keep your smart devices charged up and ready for the day. Branding can be created with laser engraving across the entire front of the product!
Our Aura Wireless Charger is the perfect charging solution for the modern world. With a large surface area for charging, 15W fast charging, and efficient cooling vents, this product is ergonomic, efficient, and stylish. The underbody of the product will glow when charging and in standby, and you can brand across the entire top in full colour.
Sustainable wireless charger made from Bamboo
Foldable & wireless charging phone stand
For wirelessly charging in the car
ChargeKraft is a brilliant product, a sustainable wireless charger! This product opens up to reveal a charging cable within, or it can simply be used as a charging pad. Made from Kraft paper, it is also an eco-friendly solution for your brand! Branding can be created with full colour options across the top of the ChargeKraft.
Charge all your devices with the Chromatic Wireless Charger. This wireless charger can charge any Qi enabled smartphone, and will also charge your Apple Watch & AirPods! Simply place your phone against the foldable charging plate, fasten your watch over the top, and place your AirPod case onto the smaller square charger at the bottom. Your devices will charge quickly and efficiently. Strong branding can be created with full colour print across the face of the wireless charger, giving you the flexibility to get your brand or message out there!
Wireless charging leather mouse pad
The DeskKraft is an eco-friendly solution to clear your clutter. This brilliant gadget is made from sustainable kraft paper and includes a wireless charger to keep your devices charged. Simply place your phone onto the wireless charging pad and use the rest of the DeskKraft to keep your desk clutter free and safe. Branding can be created with full colour options across the top of the DeskKraft.
Round & sleek wireless charger
Wireless charger with sleek packaging
5W wireless charger in two shapes 
Desktop Wireless Charger
Phone stand wireless charger
LED light up wireless charger
The PadKraft is an eco friendly mousepad with a touch of style. This product is made from sustainable kraft paper, and functions as a wireless charger to charge your wireless mouse or mobile device. The smooth finish on the PadKraft ensures that this device works perfectly as a mousepad. Branding can be created with both spot and full colour options across the entire PadKraft!
Multi Wireless Charger
Wireless charging desktop accessory
**Exclusive to the UK & Ireland** The Polar Wireless Charger is a brilliant product – part of our Magsafe collection. This charger, suitable for any Magsafe smartphone, is small, portable, and can charge up to 15W (fast charging) with a USB Type-C input. This wireless charger attaches magnetically to the back of your phone, and the small size makes it extremely portable – perfect for modern life. Strong branding can be created with full colour print options across the face, and a pantone matched trim! The Polar is also optionally available with RCS certification, ensuring a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials.
Ideal for your desk or bedside table, PowerPad is a combination of a wireless charging pad and removable Apple Watch charging dock. Charge Qi enabled devices wirelessly by placing the device on the charging pad, and simply place the Apple Watch onto the watch dock to charge it. This device supports Apple Watch nightstand mode, and an LED charging status indicator ensures that you always know when your devices are charged. This product can be branded with full colour options across the face.
The Prism Wireless Charger is a brilliant new wireless charger. This product is made from acrylic material, and you can see through the case into the inner workings, which is a stylish and unique look. Branding can be created with a printed logo on the top of the product.
Embossed Wireless Charger
Eco Friendly Wireless Charger